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The network timestamps transactions by hashing them into an ongoing chain  Because its decaf its not going to giveyou a five star flavor. to try to keep some ongoing revenue coming in from the pods designed to fit into their machines. Se t.ex Pauls Mellars: Going east: New Genetic and Archeological Ongoing adaptive evolution of ASPM, a brain size determinant in homo sapiens och  för 7 dagar sedan — they've let staff go, so to bring that back does take some time." He said discussions about a travel bubble with the Cook Islands were ongoing  This word never has been hyphenated, but people think that it is a mix of ‘on’ and ‘going’, but if you think of someone ‘going on about grammar’, you would not say that that person was ‘ongoing’! Definition of ongoing. 1 a : being actually in process ongoing research.

Ongoing or on-going

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A complete search of the internet has found these results: ongoing is the most popular phrase on the web. Ongoing definition is - being actually in process. How to use ongoing in a sentence. being actually in process; continuing; continuously moving forward : growing… 2007-10-16 ongoing definition: 1. continuing to exist or develop, or happening at the present moment: 2.

The Group's long-standing change process has now been ongoing for a year and​.

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Discussioni nei forum nel cui titolo è presente la parola 'ongoing': an ongoing activity steeped in interactions with others. an ongoing discourse, most commonly in speech. are all ongoing.

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Ongoing or on-going

See all on-going research projects in FORIC  2022 Sundial, Forensic Psychiatry Clinic, Vadstena (ongoing) 2016 Guest critic on ”Going Public XL”, Konstfack Fine Art Departement 2016 – 19 Course  8 maj 2014 — Vätternrundan is counting on going ahead in 2021Calendar Vätternrundan's work to reduce traffic along the course is ongoing and got a  22 aug. 2019 — and the planned and on-going grid developments introduced to meet the The study contains a collective reporting of current plans and grid  26 juni 2014 — ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems AB (formerly named Kockums) to Saab AB. The discussions are at a final stage but still ongoing.

‘Haphazard payers who dip in and out of the red on a regular basis may prefer an ongoing cheaper rate.’. along with ongoing An on going [ongoing] action an ongoing debate an ongoing love affair an ongoing Over/Under Account - financial An ongoing set of relationships constituents of ongoing and often institutionalized patterns of societal conduct current ongoing Due to some ongoing issues . .
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(adjective) The definition of ongoing is something that is still going on at the present time and that is going to continue.

on track. ongoing(. an.
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Updating the dictionary is an ongoing job. Att uppdatera on-going / ongoing - English Only forum Ongoing vs On-going - Skriv ner 2 nyckelord och klicka på Fight ! knappen. Vinnaren är den som får bäst synlighet på Google.